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TopSportsPick had established itself as one of the leading sports betting information site. After years of research by our management team and experience punters we set off to create TopSportsPick, in November 2011 we launched our website. Leading by an experience team, we understand the needs of punters and tipsters. Providing an independent service to verify real tipsters and a platform for tipsters to verify and market their tips. We hope punters are able to buy with confidence from our service. We do our best to provide you with great online service and the most famous sports tipsters. We wish you a great year in sports betting great profits.

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TopSportsPick is a third party service provider that assures both buyers and tipsters are getting what they are paying for. There have been many buyers who have been scammed or bought tips that are unreliable and with fake records. There are also dishonest tipster who would alter their web records to show a winning result. With Topsportspick we aspire to regulate this industry, we provide buyers information and help track tipsters record with our proprietary tracking ystems and for tipsters we provide a proofing service they can sign up to that is free and a platform to market your service.


An honest tipster will never be afraid to show his betting record. When a tipster proofs his history of bets made, He provides assurance to a prospective buyer that his tips are verifiable. If they don't, a buyer should always seek to find out why not if they are looking to follow their tips. Without a proper tipster-buyer relationship of trust, the buyer can never be sure that what they are getting (or buying) will be reliable. Currently, the team at Topsportspick proofs only football advisory services which we have expertise in, and plans to expand our services further as our database grows. If you see tipsters website that is verified by Topsportspick a table will be displayed at their website that look like this: Click here to view the sample table.

Picks that are sold by the respective tipsters are verified by our team of specialist, however if you buy direct tips from the particular tipsters you may bare the risk that the tip is not verified by us. Each of our verified tipsters will post their tips with us and the table will update automatically at their respective websites, hence by purchasing through our link will safeguard your interest so that the tips will be verify by Topsportspick.

There are a number of indicators which can be used to assess the success of a particular betting record. Traditionally, the size of the betting bank has been viewed as the main factor which indicates the worth of a betting system. The value of the betting bank alone, however, provides little information on how many bets have to be placed and how much money has to be staked in order to achieve the profits shown, and how long such profit growth will take.

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