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Albert CYL


I think there are several factors which influence the success of bettors. These are to have great knowledge, to think analytically, and to make the best decision in the end. Speaking about knowledge, it is important to know which important players are missing, the venue and pitch, the club’s or coach’s point of view on each competition, the team’s schedule, the effect of fatigue and so on… In order to get this important information, I follow local media, fan forums, official web pages, and social media sources besides the most well-known news websites. After I get the whole picture, I try to enter into the coach’s minds and predict the line-ups. At this point, the two teams play a virtual game in my mind, and in this way, I try to make a decision about my choice. I also monitor the odds movement in order to understand the market. Since my CV is full of betting related work experience, it should be understood that betting is the world where I have to be successful in order to earn my living. Some of my workplaces have allowed me direct access to information. I have been working as a live match reporter since 2010, and this allows me to see the big picture of the match, in order to understand the performances of all the players on the pitch.

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Date Tipster Name Game Type of Bet Price Action
07.06.2023 Albert CYL FC LahtivsHJK

Total goal F.T

$238.00 ADD TO CART
07.06.2023 Albert CYL Flora TallinnvsPaide Linnameeskond

Asian Handicap F.T

$238.00 ADD TO CART


Date Fixture Type Selection Odds Bet + / -
06.06.2023 FC Telavi vsFC Gagra

Asian Handicap F.T

FC Gagra -0.25 odds2 bet10 +/-+10

0-1 (0-1)

06.06.2023 Singida Big Stars vsRuvu Shooting

Total goal F.T

Over+2.5 odds2 bet10 +/-+10

2-1 (0-0)

04.06.2023 Atalanta vsMonza

Asian Handicap F.T

Atalanta -1.25 odds2.1 bet10 +/-+11

5-2 (2-0)

04.06.2023 Kuching City FC vsNegeri Sembilan

Total goal F.T

Under 2.5 odds2 bet10 +/-+10

1-1 (1-1)

03.06.2023 Austria Wien vsSalzburg

Total goal F.T

Under 3 odds2.1 bet10 +/-+11

1-1 (0-1)

03.06.2023 FC Astana vsAksu

Asian Handicap F.T

Aksu 1.75 odds2.1 bet10 +/-+11

1-0 (1-0)

02.06.2023 UCD vsSt. Patrick's Athletic

Total goal F.T

Over+2.75 odds1.8 bet10 +/-+8

1-3 (0-2)

02.06.2023 Hammarby IF vsIFK Norrkoeping

Asian Handicap F.T

IFK Norrkoeping 2 odds2 bet10 +/-+10

2-1 (1-1)

01.06.2023 Lysekloster vsSogndal

Asian Handicap F.T

Lysekloster +2.25 odds1.8 bet10 +/-+8

1-1 (1-1)

01.06.2023 Sotra Sportsklubb vsSandnes

Total goal F.T

Under 3.25 odds1.8 bet10 +/-+4

2-1 (2-0)

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